Welcome to Destination Shopping!

Black Book Fashion is a curated fashion platform for the best independent designers in shopping destinations around the world. With the first destination being Bali, we will be adding other destinations such as Bangkok, Beirut, Istanbul, Mykonos and Sao Paulo among others!

Black Book Fashion simplifyies shopping by bringing together the best independent fashion boutiques from the world's best creative centres. We curate it all into a personalized platform with designer profiles, inspiring guides and articles, exclusive interviews; all just for the shopper, making it even easier to discover and shop for brands that you love. 

Destination Shopping is what sets us apart, it allows us to focus our specific marketing efforts on the travel, tourism and local fashion industries and provides real value to independent boutiques seeking scale and new ways to connect with customers; all the while allowing our customers to relive and re-shop their favourite destinations and boutiques in one place.

Online shopping is here to stay – and we support designers by offering them the opportunity of an additional sales channel. We strongly believe there is still a need for the possibility to shop physical but the omnichannel is a very important and inevitable step when it comes to fulfilling consumer demand for range and convenience.

Our values:

Independent - We work only with local independent designers. Those are labels that are owned and/or managed by the designer or their families. By doing so, all profits go directly to the designers and their businesses so they can pay better wages, create better quality products, produce locally and focus on creativity. We also support entrepreneurs that are about to launch or just launched their brand.

 Innovative - We seek out innovative designers who bring a unique perspective to the world of fashion. Enriching the world one designer at a time, Black Book Fashion strives for innovation to deliver this perspective to the world’s shoppers.

 Environmentally Aware and Socially Responsible - We are committed to selecting designers that focus on sustainability, taking into serious consideration the processes and resources needed to produce fashion. We encourage those designers that produce better quality fashion while minimizing their impact on the environment by reducing plastic, using environmentally friendly production techniques and by supporting local causes.

 Limited Edition - Our designers stick to small batch production or produce on demand to maintain the exclusive handmade nature of their collections. We strive to provide a large collection of limited-edition designer fashion that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

 Local - We do not search everywhere, instead we find destinations that are home to creative talent and focus our efforts on raising the awareness of local designers that produce in small production runs, by artisans or the designers themselves.

 Fur Free - We do not sell any fur or exotic skins and we encourage a fair and transparent supply chain, meaning nothing we sell is made in sweatshops.

Enjoy Destination Shopping! 
Black Book Fashion Team

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