Just Dropped: 2nd Skin lands at Black Book Fashion

If you’re searching for leather, but haven’t quite found the perfect piece, let us point you in the direction of one of Bali’s best luxury leather brands, 2nd Skin.  2nd Skin has been proving since 2011 that even beach-chic Bali can wear leather in style. So we’re pleased to welcome 2nd Skin online to Black Book Fashion

With a collection of luxe jackets, oh-so-flirty miniskirts, figure flattering trousers, and glamorous real suede wedges available online, and an even wider range of ethically-produced, custom-designed pieces available in their Bali boutique, 2nd Skin have perfectly captured the blend of edgy chic with an understated, contemporary style. When it comes to silhouette, 2nd Skin have got every style covered: of course, with the tried and tested moto and biker styles, as well as the trucker, button-up and sleek zip-up as fresher alternatives – and these core styles won’t be fading any time soon. 

2nd Skin

2nd Skin’s commitment to ethical production is demonstrated by the fact that each of their pieces are hand-tailored in Bali by masters of the leather craft, with the leather itself sourced locally in Indonesia.  The sustainability benefits abound: the same time that you invest in your own seasonless wardrobe, invest in a brand committed to fashioning a more sustainable industry.

What’s more, part of the beauty of leather is that it looks even better with age.  The odd mark here, a faded area there and a few extra crinkles that have become more visible over the years are what imbue any piece with character; a testament to just how loved it really has been.  But achieving such a worn-in look requires patience, time and a leather that will be there for the long haul.

It is not surprising therefore, that another one of the reasons we love 2nd Skin is for their use of aniline leather, an especially soft, supple type of leather which brings to life this naturally blemished texture before its even had chance to make its debut in your wardrobe. Aniline actually refers to the dyes used in the manufacturing process, which, when added to only the highest quality raw hides, highlight their differing grained characteristics to produce a non-uniform appearance. 

2nd Skin

Since there are no protective coatings applied, this type of leather will simply continue to develop its perfectly imperfect character over time, changing, marking and folding to showcase its natural quality. It is precisely this which makes aniline leather so sought after, and 2nd Skin pieces so unique and individual. 

After a year in which many designers, and the fashion industry as a hole, are placing such a strong emphasis on sustainability, and building a wardrobe made to stand the test of time, we couldn’t think of a better time to invest in a 2nd skin piece. And a stylish leather skirt or a classic leather jacket for the cooler fall-winter evenings, when you still want to look that bit sophisticated, seem a good place to start. 

So, instead of focusing on the ever-changing trends of fast fashion, focus instead on quality and craft, something in abundance, now on Black Book Fashion. Welcome to 2nd Skin!

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