Finns Beach Club X Black Book Fashion

It’s only fitting that guests at stylish beach clubs should look and feel just as sophisticated as their surroundings, right?  With a shared eye for quality, style and luxury, Black Book Fashion is thrilled to announce a new and exciting partnership with Finns Beach Club Bali.  Yes, you heard us right.  Beach chic shopping meets the beach’s chicest hangout.  Bali’s biggest online fashion platform has joined forces with the self-acclaimed World’s Best Beach Club to offer an exclusive, members-only discount on all orders on Black Book Fashion.  Say hello to a powerful new era of beachfront glamour.

For two partners so well-versed in all things fashionable on the island of Gods, this partnership is, somewhat appropriately, a match made in heaven.  Black Book’s curated platform showcasing a broad range of products from exclusive, independent brands matches Finns’ all-encompassing luxury lifestyle offering, to ensure that you have everything you need to see you through a sunny day beachside looking stylish.  And by joining Finns as a Business Affiliate, we’re able to reward you for doing so: all Finns Bali members can enjoy the benefits of our exclusive discount code providing 20% off your entire order.  If you needed any excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit, this is it!

Finns Beach Club

If you’re reading this and wondering why we’re quite so hyped, we have to assume you’ve not stepped foot on the island of paradise.  Finns’ brightly lit letters located along Bali’s beautiful Berawa beachfront are almost unmissable, and since its opening in 2016, it has taken the Bali beach scene by storm.  It is a regular feature on the lists of the best beach clubs in Bali (and that is no mean feat given the status of the ever-growing beach club offering in Bali, highly regarded as among the best in the world!). 

In fact, we challenge you to find a list which doesn’t make mention of Finns in some capacity.  The club boasts no less than 4 pools, 9 bars, 6 restaurants, and plenty of space to lounge and dance.  It attracts cocktail-sipping and sun-worshipping crowds from around the world.  This modern paradise is becoming quite the Balinese empire, too!  It now comprises Finns Beach Club, Finns VIP Club and Finns Recreation Club, home to an ample range of entertainment and leisure facilities. 

Finns Beach Club

To get your hands on the benefits of this collaboration, you simply need a Finns membership.  There are four levels of membership to choose from (Guest, Lifestyle, Gold and Platinum) with varying prices, and increasing benefits the more premium the membership you choose.  To find out more about the types of memberships, as well as the other exclusive benefits, discounts and access options that come with a membership, click here and let your journey to beachfront luxe begin.

So, while Black Book Fashion has got you covered with the best in Bali resort-wear, now, for the first time ever, we’ve found you the perfect resort to flaunt your favourite new purchases.   Tick glamorous swimwear for lounging around the blue infinity pool, classy records for daytime dancing to cool tunes, and flirty cocktail dresses for classy evening drinks at one of the many bars.  Destination shopping has truly met the destination of its dreams in Finns Beach Club.

Finns Beach Club 

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