The Top 10 Leather Accessories You need For Your Next Bali Trip | Accessories, Belts and Bags | Updated for 2019

It is without question that leather is a timeless staple piece for your all-year-round wardrobe. You may think that when deciding what clothes to pack for your visit to Bali, that dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, and swimwear are all at the top of the list. You are right, but what about accessories? Those essential wardrobe items that bring your whole outfit together cannot be forgotten about. More importantly, adding a classic leather bag, belt or pair of shoes will add an elegant, yet edgy vibe to any outfit.

Whether you are ready to go explore around the culture during the day or getting ready to enjoy an evening out full of exquisite food and cocktails, leather will look good on you wherever you are. Read on to find out more about the leather accessories that will undoubtedly complement your Bali wardrobe.


When it comes to handbags, there are a range of different types that will equip you for carrying your essentials around Bali with you. From totes and backpacks, to crossbody’s and clutches, there are two things these leather bags have in common: style and practicality.

T o t e

Incorporating the leather tote into your daily outfit does not only offer that ‘just the right size’ feel for carrying all your travel belongings, it also provides easy access to grabbing your, let’s say, favourite pair of sunglasses whilst you’re on-the-go. Wearing a tote bag in Bali is particularly great for zipping around on your motorbike, whether you are on the way to a local café or even to sunbathe on the beach, it is versatile for any occasion. Even more so, investing in a leather tote will certainly last you a life time due to its renowned durability and high-quality material.

Kmana Concept

Pictured: “The Working tote Bag” made of vegetable tanned leather by Kmana Concept for €370.


B a c k p a c k

The leather backpack will guarantee to add comfort and practicality to your Bali lifestyle. They are perfect for those days out exploring waterfalls, wandering around the rice fields, or visiting the sacred monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud - keeping your belongings secured in your leather backpack will ensure they are kept protected from those approachable monkeys! Pair with some classic denim shorts and a white linen top for example, and you will be ready to explore Bali in style.

Lilla Lane

Pictured: “Santana Mini Backpack” in metallic leather or water snake in the middle by Lilla Lane for €140. 


C r o s s b o d y

One of the greatest qualities a leather crossbody bag will provide you with is the option to dress-down or dress-up, or in other words, it will complement any outfit: day or night. Whether you are stepping out the villa for some lunch in a pair of shorts and a casual top or going out for an evening meal in a maxi dress, a leather crossbody will boost your style regardless.

Bali Tailor

Pictured: “The Ella Roundie” made of suede leather by The Bali Tailor for €75.65. Available in a range of colours.

C l u t c h

For that day to night time transition, a leather clutch is the perfect little companion that will hold all your essential items in a neat and organised fashion, whilst promoting more of that chic evening look. Pair it with any summer dress and complementary leather sandals, and you are ready to hit the Bali nightlife with style. Like all leather accessories, classic black and tan continue to dominate the market, however a range of different colours are available that will still radiate you with elegance and exclusivity. So perhaps opt for something a bit more unique on your next Bali visit?

Lilla Lane

Pictured: Santana Madi clutch" made using a leather weaving and stitching technique by Lilla Lane for €125.



Another essential leather accessory that is worth including into your Bali wardrobe is the leather belt. Wearing a leather belt evidently has its functional benefits that will create a classic look when paired with your favourite pair of denim shirts, however, wearing it around your waist with a comfy, loose-fitting summer dress will also help flatter your beautiful body shape.

C l a s s i c

For a touch of elegance and simplicity, selecting a classic leather belt will pull your whole Bali outfit together. Although typical for everyday wear, the classic leather belt will also complement your evening dress style, making it a staple leather accessory for any occasion. The stitched details coordinated with an archetypical brass buckle will emphasise that feminine chic look at any time of the day.

Vintage Century

Pictured: “Meta Black Belt” made of goat leather by Vintage Century for €93.

W r a p s

If you are looking for something a little unconventional, then consider packing the leather wrap belt into your suitcase. By pairing it with a long or short dress, together with some chunky jewellery; you will certainly create that beachy bohemian style that will match the tropical vibe of Bali. Or if you are getting ready for a day at the beach club, the leather wrap belt will go just as well over a flowing kaftan and your favourite bikini. Make sure to fling on your leather backpack or crossbody bag to finish off that effortless look.

Erika Pena

Pictured: “Scott Double Wrap Belt” made of leather with square buckle design by Erika Pena for €120.



A final must-have for your Bali Wardrobe is evidently shoes, precisely leather. Bali is all about exploring different parts of the beautiful island, which means that your feet are going to be longing for comfort. From sandy beaches to dirt-tracks, a pair of high-quality leather sandals and boots will get you ready for any tropical occasion.

F l a t

The flat leather sandal is undoubtedly an essential to pack in your suitcase before leaving for your Bali voyage. Whilst they will offer comfort and durability, a simple leather sandal will go with practically anything you are wearing. If you prefer a more eye-catching style, then opting for an embellished leather sandal with gold or silver detail will look great with a basic tee and denim skirt, or a loose-fitting jumpsuit. Whichever you prefer, a pair of flat leather sandals will elongate your legs in a comfortable and sexy way regardless.

Bali Tailor

Pictured: “The Kai Slide” in Black leather by The Bali Tailor for €75.41. Available in a range of colours.

W e d g e

There are times where you may put on an evening outfit and realise a pair of flat sandals doesn’t quite fit that sexy and sophisticated look you are hoping for. Having some leather wedged heels ready for your Bali trip will put your mind at ease that you are not leaving a staple evening sandal behind. Perfectly paired with a silky maxi dress, you will not only look glamorous and chic but also feel comfortable and confident on your Bali sunset adventures.

Vintage Century

Pictured: “Lacia Wedges” in Tan made of goat leather by Vintage Century for €132.

B o o t   H e e l

If you are feeling that alternative bohemian style, a pair of suede leather boot heels will certainly fit the desired look. These boot heels are great for both days and evenings strolling around Bali whilst wearing your favourite summery dress and a leather wrap belt - giving you comfort, elegance, and exclusivity. Although less practical for those days at the beach club, the suede leather boot heel is more about sitting blissfully at the local coffee shop or restaurant. Everyone will be wanting a pair once they see you in these.

Tulle and Batiste

Pictured: “The Gypsy Queen Tassel Boots” made of 100% suede leather by Tulle and Batiste for €246. 


While not necessarily a boot heel, more like a strappy heel, don't forget to include some 'lift' in your waredrobe for those nights out. Easy to pair with a mini-skirt, embellished dresses or even a pair of jeans- this versatile item is a must have item in your suitcase.  

Vintage Century

Pictured: Dali Shoes” in Black made of cow leather by Vintage Century for €168.

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