Designer interview: BBF talks shop with Luiza Chang of Lulu Yasmine

The creative force behind leading Bali brand Lulu Yasmine, Luiza Chang has created a following with her uber-chic, handmade designs. Since its inception in 2008, Lulu Yasmine has seen tremendous success with four boutiques in Bali and an international customer base. Black Book Fashion went behind the scenes to get to know the designer and entrepreneur behind it all.

BBF: Let’s start with the spirit and aesthetic of the Lulu Yasmine woman you are designing for. Who is she? What is she like?

Luiza: The woman I design for is a citizen of the world. She is someone who enjoys discovering new cultures and different ways of life. She is a modern woman, curious about life, loves style and fashion, travelling, history, art and different cultures. She is someone who loves herself, is open to new life experiences, appreciates handicraft techniques and unique details. She actively participates in promoting a better community, making a daily effort to improve herself, not only in her appearance but also in her spirit and her heart. She feels compassion and tries to give back when she sees people in need. This is how I am and how I would love the Lulu Yasmine women to be.

BBF: What did you want to achieve with your latest collection, the Dreamland Collection?

Luiza: With this latest collection we tried to create an organic look for the contemporary woman. The focus was on creating something effortless that you can enjoy while travelling or working. For us, it is important to make our clients feel comfortable and feminine at the same time. Fashion I think is not only about the outfit but also about how you feel in it. The garments have to make you feel good, give you confidence and strength. We believe that when you feel good inside and out, you will be able to better perform in your life. The woman from our time has a lot of challenges, especially now with social media and social pressures; she is a working mother, as well as a housewife, so feeling good about yourself is always very positive. And that's what we stand for.

Lulu Yasmine Interview Black Book Fashion

BBF: How has your latest collection been an evolution in your design perspective? In your use of materials? Your influences?

Luiza:  We run in parallel with the fashion world. We are always looking to evolve and improve every day. We are influenced by trends, history, and cultural changes, such as modernization, art and of course our customers’ demands; especially when they respond to particular items more than others. This season we tried to develop a more casual collection which is both fun and innovative. We also worked more with organic fabrics, because they are environmentally friendly, and we have been testing it to ensure its’ durability, comfort and quality. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our focus on quality and not in quantity. We are not a fast fashion brand. We want our designs to endure. Our goal is to evolve continually in terms creativity design and discovering new materials while keeping the brand identity strong.

BBF: Since arriving here in 2008 and launching the brand, how has the Bali fashion scene evolved? 

Luiza: The island keeps evolving and has changed a lot since 2008. Nowadays Bali is very fashionable, full of boutiques, restaurants, spas, hotels and much more. It is becoming a very avant-garde spot to visit and for entrepreneurs to live. Of course, who does not love to stop by in a little relaxed island paradise? However, nothing stays the same. Also in Bali. It will continue to change and evolve which is part of its appeal.

BBF: Part of Lulu Yasmine’s mission is to empower women and 2018 has been the year of female empowerment, celebrating diversity and speaking out. What is the role of the fashion industry and designers in this? What responsibility does it have?

Luiza: From the start, our mission has always been about empowering women. We encourage women in the work environment, starting in our little atelier and factory where most of the people are women. The items we produce are very feminine and require a woman's’ eye and handcraft skills. Also, in our collections we try to support the modern woman, and we feel that her personal style enhances her confidence.  

BBF: What can we look forward to from Lulu Yasmine?

Luiza:  We will continue to bring our creativity, fun and simplicity to the woman who loves to recreate herself. We will be experimenting with new shapes and structures to try and innovate both our casual range and evening wear. So look out for that! In terms of design, we will be working more with embellishments such as beading, incorporating lace and other embroideries. We would like to also experiment more with silks, specifically silk chiffon, and combining this beautiful material with printed silks and cottons. I can’t tell you more than that! (laughing)

BBF: We look forward to seeing more from you! Thanks Luiza.

Luiza: Thanks Black Book Fashion!

Lulu Yasmine Interview Black Book Fashion

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