What to do and where to go? Plan your next trip to Bali with these 4 Instagram accounts

As we progress through 2018, it is never a bad time to start making plans and finding out about all the places worth visiting on your next trip to Bali. Only problem is, where to start? 

Whether you’re going on your honeymoon, an extended holiday, a weekend escapade with the significant other or a weekend out with the gang, some research and planning always comes in handy. Beaches, bars, restaurants, shopping and so much more, we’re giving you the 4 best Bali Instagram accounts to make this a breeze.

What to Do in Bali


If you’re looking to get the inside track of what’s happening in Bali from the local folk who live and breathe the best that Bali has to offer then look no further. This lively bunch of chroniclers document Bali life in all its’ amazing color or as they say in their own words: from cliff-top bars, nifty beach clubs and gourmet restaurants to the secret hangouts, day trips off-the-beaten track and some simple pleasures Bali is famous for. A quick swirl through their Instagram account and you get an unabashed tour-de-force of the who, what and where to pack in plenty of action for more than one visit to Bali.


The Bali Bible is the authority on most things happening in Bali and their Instagram is no exception. Packed with loads of gorgeous places to visit in Bali; hip restaurants, funky bars and cafés, you name it. Their page has pretty much anything for anyone. With each posting another gem worth visiting, the Bali Bible will get those Instagram thumbs twitching and your itinerary filled to the brim in no time.


We dip into this Instagram account whenever we need a visual immersion into all of Bali’s splendour; those lush green rainforests, fertile rice fields, pristine waterfalls, black volcanic beaches.. Baligasm always serves up fantastic travel tips of off the beaten track gems. So when it’s time to shift gears, hop on a motorbike and venture into realms undiscovered, it’s good to have baligasm lead the way.


To paraphrase the folks at NOW! Bali Magazine: Time in Bali isn't meant to be wasted, it's meant to be treasured. This credo is certainly transmitted through their gorgeous Instagram page which carefully chronicles all that is beautiful about Bali. A quick flick through and we are already booking our next island adventure.

What to Do in Bali

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