Free and Fearless, BBF catches up with Sally Donald for the Latest on Bali Shopping, Style and Loving Life

We at Black Book Fashion share two things with Sally Donald- the island fashionista behind On Any Given Day; our love of fashion and our love of Bali. As one of our favorite bloggers it was high-time we caught up for a chat to discuss the latest happenings in the local fashion scene.

Hi Sally, what have you been up to lately? 

No day is ever the same in Bali! With the explosion of new boutiques, beach clubs and cafes I spend most of my time, sharing these experiences with Bali fans through my Instagram account. Also with Christmas just around the corner the festive spirit is in full swing, and that means hunting out festive season outfits at my favourite boutiques!

The wet season has just hit in Bali, so also making the most of the sun when it’s out.    

Tell us how your Bali adventure began four years ago? Why did you move here?

We were based in Bali in March 2014 with my husband’s work. It all happened very quickly, but can honestly say it’s been the best experience ever. The Bali and the expat life have provided myself and my family with so many great experiences and friendships, we wouldn’t change a thing.

I had only been to Bali for one holiday back in 1995 and never in a million years would I have imagined living here.

Sally Donald on Black Book Fashion

What was it about the Bali fashion scene that caught your eye?

I have always had a great love for fashion. When I moved to Bali I felt the fashion scene was relatively untouched. I wanted to see if I could maintain my style and fashion sense whilst living on the island – because as we know most people think Bali is all sarongs and flip-flops.

I discovered Bali is the home base for many great international designers who have also set up boutiques here. Over the last four years the boutique and shopping experience in Bali has grown into something that can satisfy most international travellers. From Mall style shopping with the likes of big brands Zara and H&M, to high street boutique style shopping with Bali favourites Magali Pascal and Uma & Leopold, there is so much to discover.

In my time here I’ve been able to maintain and develop my ‘elegant grunge’ style, which will definitely stay with me beyond Bali.

As someone who’s in tune with the fashion scene and the designers in Bali, what is it about the island that makes it such a creative hotbed?

Bali, especially the Canggu area, is a haven for digital nomads and creatives. It attracts people from all over the world who are looking for a “freedom” life without being locked into the structure of the traditional work life. I think the mix of cultures, creative types and Bali’s unique offering blends well to deliver an outpouring of unique creativity. This shines through everywhere you turn in Bali, from interior design, the food scene and definitely the fashion. It’s inspiring to be in such a progressive space.

Sally Donald on Black Book Fashion

So what is a Sunday state of mind exactly? Any advice how we can channel our own?

Traditionally Sunday is the day of rest, enjoyment and fun. I feel like its Sunday everyday in Bali. In fact I often forget what day it is. If it weren’t for taking my children to school on a Monday morning, I would probably never know. I think this is a result of permanently being around holidaymakers, always having visitors in town and being slightly disconnected from what I would term “reality”.

To channel the Sunday State of Mind – Move to Bali!

What are some of the brands you’ve had your eye on lately and why?  

For a cool Island style, my go-to boutique is Little Island Store in Seminyak. They have a great collection of resort style dresses under their label ‘Rays for Days’ along with Vintage clothing, accessories and big Aussie label MLM.

Having produced in Bali for many years, but now with a boutique on Seminyak’s favourite shopping strip, Oberoi Street, Jules the Label is a must. Everything from sexy silk slips to printed wrap dresses, Jules will take you from the beach club to dinner.

If you’re looking for something special, you can’t go past Gail Elliott’s label ‘Little Joe Woman’. I now have a wardrobe stocked with event dresses from Little Joe! Beautiful silks, lace and leathers line the Seminyak store providing many options depending on the occasion.

For luxe leather and linen, it’s all about Ancora The Label. Based in Seminyak also, Ancora has a cool edge and offers, custom hand printed leather jackets, bags, shoes and cute linen pieces.

Providing the prettiest palette on the Island, Cove Island Essentials takes you into another world of fashion, accessories and home wares. Located in Canggu, Cove is a dreamy palette of pastel hues and island vibes.

Some of my other favourite Bali boutiques include: Velvet the Label, Magali Pascal, Uma and Leopold, Bamboo Blonde, Sage Store, Fabrik Store and Beach Gold.

While Seminyak still remains the center for fashion in Bali, most of these boutiques now also have a presence in Canggu and Ubud.

Sally Donald on Black Book Fashion

How can people stay connected with the Bali brands they fall in love with on holidays.

Majority of the boutiques in Bali now have an online presence. Even the smaller boutiques are selling through Instagram and shipping internationally. I have had many people enquire through my Instagram page on how they can purchase items I’m showing if they are not coming on holidays to Bali. And with the likes of Black Book Fashion promoting fashion destinations such as Bali, there is so much opportunity to stay connected and shop the Bali fashion scene.

We hear you may be creating your own line, anything you could share here with us?

I am! And super excited. After experiencing so many great brands in Bali and really defining what I like to wear, I have decided to create a line, launching a limited number of unique pieces each month.

The first drop is coming before Christmas and is a number of linen playsuits and dresses. I wanted to create pieces that can provide versatility and can be worn relaxed or styled up to hit the town.

You will have to stay tuned on my insta account for more details coming soon!

We definitely will, thanks Sally!

Thank you Black Book Fashion!


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