Designer Spotlight: Natasha Gan

Aussie born designer Natasha Gan is no newcomer to fashion, having started her design journey at a young age, studying design and eventually working in London for H&M and TOPSHOP. By 2003 she launched her own brand, now Bali-based, she has been finetuning her design aesthetic and unique vision ever since.

The brand is is not afraid of innovation, adopting bold colors and print patterns in easy to wear outfits for the girl on the go. Plenty of embellishments such as flowing drapes, frilly collars and lace also adorn her jumpsuits, skirts, tops and maxi-dresses. At times, her pieces are also known for strong cuts and minimalist color choices which accentuate the silhouette. Every collection sees another expression of an evolving creative journey, however each collection is at heart still recognizably Natasha Gan

While one can shop different pieces independently, what we love about the brand is how well combined the different pieces from all her collections are. In fact, it is best to go full Natasha and to accessorize with simple jewelry and heels, and the result is perfection. The brand is known for its focus on progressive, strong and sexy designs, made for the independent confident woman. So when shopping in Seminyak, do drop by the boutique, or even better drop by her storefront on Black Book Fashion to check out the latest from this evergreen designer.


Natasha Gan

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