The 4 New Thaikila Collections Available Now on Black Book Fashion

Thaikila is back and bigger than ever. Hitting Black Book Fashion’s e-shelves are more pieces from their Papagayo, Eden, Tennessee and the All Black collections- providing us all with a flurry of styles and pieces to choose from. The brand, designed and manufactured entirely in Bali, focuses on local craftsmanship, and has long been on the radar of the international swimwear community with their diverse range of swimwear designed for every shape, size and bust. The collections feature sexy string bikinis to comfortable one-pieces, and accessories such as sandals, cover ups, pouches and jewelry.


Each collection has a little something for everyone and provides a fresh and original design direction. The Papagayo range, as its namesake, is all about multi-colored print patterns and embellished bikinis, combined with several taupe and coral one and two-pieces that complement every skin type. The Tennessee Collection, on the other hand, takes a more frivolous turn with design features including tie dye, crochet stitching and accessory rich detailing, topped off with earthy clay tones. The All Black collection is all about swimwear staples. Like the LBD, black has a home in every wardrobe, with Thaikila providing a versatile range of well-designed one and two pieces. Eden on the other hand stands out for its sexy, high waist cuts and a range of tops that leave just enough to the imagination.


The accessories complement all the pieces form the collections, with hand-painted bags being both practical and stylish and throw-on kaftans that are comfortable and available in a range of tropical inspired colors. One consistent feature of all the collections is that the items cater for every size and shape. This means those in love with cheeky bottoms, high waist cuts and teeny-triangle top bikinis will find plenty of assortment to choose from. Whereas those looking for more cover-up and support, will find a wide range of sexy and comfortable pieces to discover. Are pieces are made with luxurious fabrics, handmade at the brand’s self-owned factory with elastic that is developed in-house, providing not only easy-to-wear swimwear, but also pieces that are practically designed to withstand water, oil, chlorine and any corruptive agent.


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