Our Partnership Program

The success of our business depends on your success.

We work together to compete globally and fulfill customer demands for range and convenience by helping them shop locally in an easy way.

Online shopping is here to stay. However retailers face a lot of pressure from online channels and especially online retail giants which may result in shops closing down as they are unable to compete on the same terms. Investing to achieve the same scale, reach and marketing power in order to capture customers who now demand both off-line and on-line solutions is something often beyond the resources of many retailers and designers.

Shop Local

Black Book Fashion was established to champion local designers in this changing retail landscape. We consider stores our partner and believe our concept helps you to compete and thrive over the long-run. We want to support the shops by establishing an additional sales channel as part of an omnichannel solution, which we believe is the inevitable step when it comes to fulfilling the demands of today’s customers.

The Advantage

Our strength is in our numbers. The advantage of the Black Book Fashion community is that with our partners we are able to achieve more scale, variety in merchandise, marketing prowess and global reach than we would as stand-alone players. By showcasing the best merchandise from each destination in a savvy marketplace we can compete as a global shopping destination and punch above our individual weight.


Collaboration. We share the same goals as our partners – it’s a win-win situation. We give local fashion retailers the opportunity to compete in the digital world and with big retail chains online. We are strengthened through our collaboration with independent boutiques united in our fashion community.

Transparent and simple business model – we earn money on the sales we create for our partner shops. That is, we take a commission for the sales that the shop accepts. For us to make money, we depend on our partners to make money.

Flexible– We handpick the local shops and brands that sell well and get them online fast. This means that we can react faster to new trends and customer demands and sell more.

Global- To survive and thrive we don’t plan to remain small. Our success wil depend on our growth and expansion. The more destinations and partners we have, the better our marketplace becomes; the more products and the more brands we can offer; the more we can sell.

The Benefits

Combining with Black Book Fashion’s marketing campaigns, global audience and technology
Support and advice to guide your boutique to success.
Your own shop-front, inventory management and back-end sales tracking system

What’s Next

If you share our vision and fulfill the basic requirements, contact us and we can get you started.

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