What is Black Book Fashion Wholesale?

Black Book Fashion Wholesale is here to support retailers like yourself and give you access to the best independent designers. It is our B2B operation and helps to cut down on the shopping time, so you source many designers, all from Bali, all in one place. 


Who is it for? 

Besides the many advantages of working with Black Book Fashion Wholesale (see below), the service is for anyone looking to streamline and simplify their wholesaling needs. Whether you are a retail store owner, an online boutique or a department store, if you are someone looking to work with independent designers, that create sustainable and ethical resort wear, BBF Wholesale is for you. We provide access to a wide range of fiercely independent brands from Bali and elsewhere, that will expose your cusotmers to the innovation, differentiation and fashion forward choices they crave. 


Why Work With Independent Brands?

  • They offer the differentiation that builds foot traffic

As reported by McKinsey in their State of Fashion 2019 report:

Small brands offer the differentiation that builds traffic (in the store, not just online), and they boost margin because they tend to be premium and rarely promote. In the US, 44 percent of small-brand sales are premium, versus 34 percent for other brands, helping to boost average selling prices.

  • They offer higher margins

As per the same report: Only 27 percent of small-brand sales happen on promotion, versus 44 percent of large-brand sales. As a result, US retailers are giving small brands double their fair share of new listings.

In addition there are several other reasons why independent brands offer the best value proposition for today’s modern consumer and retailer:

  • Always Limited Edition

Small brands do not mass produce their collections. Therefore, you inadvertently are purchasing a limited-edition product. Our brands do not keep high levels of stock; therefore, each order is made on demand.

  • Independent design is where the innovation happens.

Small independent brands are better at serving specific niches and consumer preferences and are by default more innovative. Innovation in fashion is necessary to stand out in today’s competitive retail landscape. According to McKinsey:

“It’s the smaller brands that have been better at genuine innovation — and that’s what consumers want”

  • Transparency of who you are buying from

Mass-produced collections are created by complex supply chains known for their anonymity. Black Book Fashion’s independent brands, however, rely on smaller, family owned cooperatives or factories to produce their collections. This allows you to know that your purchase is having a direct impact on the local community as these factories set their own labor and cost standards, ensuring fair-trade practices while maintaining quality craftsmanship. 

  • Independent designers stand for something

Independent designers are never afraid to have an authentic and powerful narrative that is core to their brand and existence. Without the benefit of a large brand and marketing budget backing them up, Black Book Fashion’s brands express their visions with striking creativity, values and beliefs that tell unique stories for consumers.

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Why Work With Black Book Fashion Wholesale?

There are many reasons to work with us, let us summarize here:

  • We offer the same prices as going direct to the brand:

You therefore have access to a wide assortment of products and categories in one location without any additional costs.

  • The convenience of dealing with one partner for all your wholesaling needs

Rather than working with more than 25 brands independently, we facilitate to process. In addition, we work closely to ensure a smooth process from factory to shop.

  • Wide range of categories:

The categories available to retailers are diverse. In one location, you can source for all your product categories. We can help you stock the following: 

        - Swimwear

        - Clothing (Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits, Kimonos, Tops and Bottoms)

        - Accessories and Leather products (Bags, Footwear)

        - Footwear

        - Jewelry

  • Offering the latest trends in fashion:

        - Sustainable and Environmentally conscious

        - Ethical and socially conscious

        The majority of our partners produce in Bali and support local artisans, cooperatives and businesses. Therefore, each order helps to support this creative eco-system.

Need help? 

Check our our helpful guides on purchasing anything you need in Bali, ranging from Jewelry, to Leather and Accessories and Clothing. 

    Contact us!

    By email: wholesale@blackbookfashion.com 

    Tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you right away.

    Wholesale FAQs

    Where do you Ship to?

    We ship worldwide to more than 150 countries. All shipments will go by registered freight, so you can track your order.

    Who pays for shipping and import duties?

    The Shipment costs and Import duties are paid for by the purchaser but these costs will be known to you prior to making the order. The brands work with reputable shipping companies that ship worldwide and can give an estimate of your expected import duties.

    Can I choose my own shipping provider?

    Yes of course you can. The shipping provider will have to be based in Bali and able to collect the merchandise from the factory. Once the merchandise has been handed over to your shipper the liability of shipment by the brand will have ended and any issues related to shipping will be between you and your preferred shipping provider.

    Are there minimum order quantities?

    In most cases there are minimum order quantities, and these vary between different brands. Contact us and we can share more about each one´s policies.

    What are the payment terms?

    Generally upfront payment is expected upon contract prior to production with the remaining balance upon shipping.


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